Caring For Our Trees And Environment

Angel Fire New MexicoAngel Fire is a small town in New Mexico with a population of around 1,200. New Mexico in general is a hot and dry environment which makes taking care of our trees much more important. One thing our community can do is offer tree and shrub planting days. Inspire the local residents to plant at least one tree or shrub each year.

Partnering with some of our local tree service companies can help get the word out. If we can get some businesses on board such as Baby Gorilla Tree Service (, we believe we can make a difference. These tree services are already in the community doing work and have a bigger impact when it comes to talking about the importance of our trees and our environment than anyone else will have.

Getting people excited to plant new trees can take a great deal of effort because of the cost and maintenance. Most trees require very little up keep and over time they will improve our community as a whole.

We got this idea from a few tree services in Mesa and Chandler Arizona who made it a business mission to plant two new trees for every tree they have to remove. Of course they are not the ones out planting trees but they have partnered with local nurseries who have experience planting trees.

Local nurseries are great to partner with because they understand what trees and plants work best for our environment. They are the ones that understand and know how to properly care for these trees.

Our proposal is to start a tree care industry to better our environment and to help ward off wildfires and insects that are killing off trees in other states.